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Live Fully  | January 04, 2020

Introducing: Kashi GO Keto Friendly


Say hello to the all-new Kashi GO Keto Friendly cereal -- a keto cereal that doesn’t compromise on taste OR require washing pots and pans (finally!) 

Whether you’re a devotee of the keto diet, prefer that your cereal has minimal sugar and (a whole lotta) protein, or just want to shake things up a little, our new Kashi GO Keto Friendly cereal was designed with you in mind.

What else did we have in mind when we created this one-of-a-kind grain-free cereal? You’re about to find out…



You know those days when you barely have time to brush your teeth let alone crack an egg (then clean up) but you want to stick to your diet AND have something delicious? Those are the mornings our Kashi GO Keto Friendly cereal was made for.


What’s inside the box matters. And when it comes to being keto friendly, it matters A LOT. So here’s the skinny on each serving:

- 12g of protein

- 1g of sugar

- 10g net carbs

- Grain free


But how does it taste, we hear you ask. One word: delicious. Or two words if you prefer: very delicious. This new keto friendly cereal comes in two flavors -- Dark Cocoa and Cinnamon Vanilla. Our Dark Cocoa flavor is like an indulgent mug of hot cocoa warming your soul in the morning, while our Cinnamon Vanilla flavor brings back memories of warm vanilla frosted cinnamon rolls. Both versions deliver that satisfying breakfast “crunch”, and we’ve found the right blend of ingredients, natural flavors, and unique super sweeteners to deliver the best taste without that metallic aftertaste. Cheers to that!


Yep, we didn’t just make this keto friendly, but wallet-friendly too...Because making keto easy shouldn’t be hard on your wallet. Right?!

Final words: if mornings aren’t your thing and you’re looking for an upgrade on the average School Yard Snack, the all-new Kashi GO Keto Friendly Cereal makes for an awesome anytime snack too!

Discover delicious here.



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