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Insist on Change  |  May 12, 2016

A Light In the Dark

Recently we were lucky enough to visit the remote Altiplano region of Bolivia and found a farming culture as rich in tradition as the soil is with nutrients. Not just any nutrients, but the nutrients that are perfect for growing quinoa. Needless to say, it felt like home. Which meant we wanted to do all we could to help sustain it. When we asked the farmers what we could do to enhance their practice, their answer was rather simple.

Thanks to our Lights On Initiative, the Bolivian farmers who grow our quinoa now have lights in their homes for the very first time. We helped install 60 solar panels and spent time talking about how we can continue to help make things better.

That feeling of transforming the lives of the people who grow our quinoa? Well it feels sort of like a superfood all its own.

Tags: Altiplano Bolivia, Quinoa Farming, Sustainable Quinoa, Sustainable Farming

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