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Insist on Change  |  May 12, 2016

A Grain That Goes Way Back

Quinoa has become pretty fashionable in recent years. And with its protein power and numerous wholesome benefits, we’re tickled it’s getting its time in the health food limelight.

But if you visit the remote Altiplano region in southern Bolivia, you’ll see that quinoa is no trend — it’s a farming tradition that’s been passed down for centuries. Because that’s a little farther than you can travel today, we journeyed there ourselves to pass the experience on to you. And we found that quinoa is not only a gift from the earth, but also a gift from the dedicated people who nurture it.

This is the amazing story of the people who are helping us make our foods possible. We traveled to Bolivia to visit their villages and to thank them for all they do and get a deeper understanding of where the quinoa in our products comes from.

Tags: Altiplano Bolivia, Quinoa Farming, Sustainable Quinoa, Sustainable Farming, Farming Traditions

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