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Insist on Change  |  February 8, 2017

A Deliciously Right Thing To Do

After all, they have delicious transitional crops to sell. And we have scrumptious snacks we can make with them.

Around here, we’re always looking for ways we can have a positive impact on how the world eats. So if some of those ways include devouring yummy, wholesome snacks, we’re totally in. And so are our taste buds.

So when we discovered just how difficult it is for farmers to transition their conventional farmland to organic farmland, our brains and mouths got to working. You see, being recognized as USDA Certified Organic is a long, difficult journey for farmers. It’s a three-year process during which they must adopt organic practices. So at first, farmers earn less than when the traditionally farm which is difficult on these farmers who want to produce crops that are better for us and for our world.

One such farmer is our friend, Richard Gemperle. Richard is a second-generation almond farmer from Turlock, California. Richard’s passion for farming took seed at a very young age. As a child, he helped his father and uncle work the land. Now he’s taken over his uncle’s almond sector. And, likewise, he hopes his children will take over for him someday. 

With his eye toward the future, Richard wanted to transition his conventional farmland into organic farmland and is devoted to leaving the land and the trees healthy and productive for generations to come. 


We can’t argue with that. So instead, we’re partnering with Richard and dozens of other farmers like him. And we’re helping support their transition. After all, they have delicious transitional crops to sell. And we have scrumptious snacks we can make with them.

Together with Quality Assurance International, we’ve developed a “Certified Transitional” badge. It’s a new symbol that shows when a product is made with transitional crops. But not just any transitional crops. The badge represents crops grown at the highest standards – standards that help make the world around us a better place.

And now, we’re buying Richard’s Certified Transitional almonds to make the almond butter found in our new Chewy Nut Butter Bars. We’re buying other farmers’ Certified Transitional crops, too, to make even more delicious goodness. That means that with every tasty bite, you’ll be helping farmers like Richard convert to organic.

It tickles us to think that increasing organic acreage is now as simple as grabbing a yummy snack. And it is. But there are other ways you can dig in and help. Visit to learn how you can join in making organic food easier to grow, and easier to buy.


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