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Living Fully  |  June 1, 2017

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While sustainable living is the right choice, it’s not always the easy one because, let’s be honest, sometimes it seems like a lot of work for a small return. With that in mind, we did some research and pulled from local sources of inspiration, like Solana Center for Environmental Innovation, to bring you three ways that combine minimal effort and maximum impact.


Be Mindful—be thoughtful of your consumption. Instead of bringing a salad to work that’s been packaged in plastic, consider bringing a sandwich wrapped in wax paper, which is compostable. Or, the next time you get takeout, ask the clerk to hold the plastic bag and utensils if you’re eating at home.


Create Convenient Infrastructure—we get it, sometimes going out of your way to put an apple core in a compost bin or even recycling a plastic bottle can seem not worth the effort. So instead, we can all do our part to ensure there are properly categorized waste bins in our homes and offices. That way, the next time you want to make a sustainable choice, you easily can!


Follow the 4 Rs—Wait, aren’t there 3 Rs? There used to be, but now that composting has caught on, many people have added a fourth R, “rot.” While knowing the 4 Rs is great, understanding the importance of their order is even better. First, reduce. If you don’t need something, don’t use it, or try to use only as much as you need. Second, if you need to use it, say a plastic water bottle, reuse it so there’s less unnecessary waste. And when you can’t reuse it anymore, recycle it! And if it’s a compostable item, throw it into your compost bin and let nature do its thing.

Kashi employee Stephanie creates a unique Mediterranean waffle recipe.


Like we said earlier, Solana Center is pretty inspirational. Their sustainability mission began back in 1983 by pioneering the first curbside recycling service in southern California. Since then, they have worked tirelessly to create engaging programs to educate people about how to preserve their natural environment.


We’re fortunate enough to have Solana Center in our backyard and we were able to partner with them on their latest project, the Eco Container, a 40 foot shipping container repurposed into a center for environmental sustainability. It was created around the three programming pillars Solana Center holds dear: soil, water and resource conservation.


Whether you add solar panels to your house, or skip the plastic bag the next time you order takeout, little, mindful changes can create a big impact. For more information on how to live more sustainably, visit:


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