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Live Fully  | March 31, 2020

How To Embrace A Positive Mindset In Stressful Times

Downward dog. Child’s pose. Happy baby.

What are we talking about? Yoga, of course!

In more normal times, the Kashi team is fortunate to get to practice yoga twice a week at the Kashi Villa with Lisa Yee from LisaFIT. Lisa -- a Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, and registered Yoga Teacher -- has taught us so much over the years, both in terms of mindful movement and positive thinking, that we wanted to share some of her valuable knowledge and insights with our Kashi family. Read on to see how Lisa recommends you work out at home, put the power of positivity to work, and embrace abundance over fear.

We've heard you talk about "investing in ourselves" to find better balance in life. How can people make that investment on a daily basis?

Start and end your day with what I call “Self Care Bookends.” For example, in the morning you could create a healthy breakfast, take a short walk listening to songs that make you smile, or stretch in the shower. At night, try preparing your food for the next day, meditating in bed, or spending a few minutes on self massage. Essentially, start your day giving to yourself and end your day taking care of yourself.

You teach everything from kickboxing to yoga. Where do you see a balance between the "fit" work (HIIT training, kickboxing, running etc.) and the more mindful practices of yoga and meditation?

It can be as simple as doing a high intensity workout one day, and something more restorative the next. You can also take a sixty-minute workout and break it up into half intense and half relaxing.

We all need a bit of intensity in our lives -- to push the physical being, surpass burning sensations, and to find new thresholds. We also need a place to be gentle with ourselves, push stillness, surpass the need to do more, and to find quietness in the mind.

How do you help your clients put the "power of positivity" to work?

I encourage clients to focus on what they love about themselves, what they know they can do, and what they enjoy that supports their wellness goals. There is no “wrong” way when investing time and energy into your health and happiness...There are just differences. We are all at the right place, at the right time, doing the right things when we take a conscious physical step to decide to become better beings. The power is within all of us and sometimes it just takes a little digging to find it. But it is there AND I WON’T STOP UNTIL I FIND IT!

What practical tips do you have for our readers in ways to embrace abundance over fear?

Stay online with family and friends: Schedule Virtual Happy Hours

Offer help to neighbors that are at risk, elderly, or weak

Create! Try gardening, cooking, drawing, or writing

Learn! Dig out How-To books (physical or online), and explore tutorial videos

Play! Be silly, playful, and laugh. Play board games, tell jokes, and dance

What are your go-to asanas for calming the body and the mind?

Corpse Pose: Lie still on your back with limbs out long, palms of hands open as extensions of your heart, ready to give and to receive.

Blind Tree Pose: Stand with your eyes closed and work on balancing on one leg. With the other leg bent and the knee out to the side, challenge yourself to not open the eyes -- just TRUST you are alright.

Child Pose: Knees apart, hips on heels, body long and arms stretched out resting on the mat. The middle of your forehead is on the mat, tapping into the third eye center and quieting all the external chatter, chaos and noise so you clearly hear your internal guidance.


You can find out more about Lisa and her health and wellness programs at, or check her out on IG @lisayeefit


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