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Live Fully  |  July 5, 2016

Sustaining Our Future

A world without fresh goji berries, hemp seeds and quinoa is a world we don’t think anyone should have to live in. So here at Kashi, we know we each have a role in making Earth a place that can thrive far into the future. And it’s something we all take very seriously. Because as lovers of the delicious food sources nature provides, it’s up to us to ensure that nature can keep on providing them.

So we’re rolling up our sleeves, digging our hands in and learning all we can about sustainable agriculture. It’s the practice of using farming techniques that protect people and planet for generations to come. And who better to learn from than our neighbors at Wild Willow Farm & Education Center here in San Diego.

...protect people and planet for generations to come.

It’s where our friends Mel and Sara teach a philosophy that goes beyond sustainable agriculture. They call it “regenerative agriculture,” which means taking what we’ve been given, fixing the problems caused by our predecessors and making things better for future farmers. They’re using not just ecological farming practices, but also active soil building and integration with the natural environment. In short, they’re showing all of us at Kashi, and in San Diego, what we can do to make growing better for generations to come.

Sustainable farming and agriculture - Wild Willow Farm & Education Center

And when we dig in and support sustainable farms in our area, it’s not just beneficial for the future, but also for our communities today. Purchasing goods from sustainable farms helps provide farmers and workers within the local food system the ability to earn a fair and decent wage. And that’s money that stays right in our communities. Talk about a reason to buy sustainable – plus savoring the fruits and veggies grown in your local soil is pretty tasty, too.

So we hope you’ll find a sustainable farm in your area – a place where you’ll be able to ask questions, tour, learn all about the delicious crops native to your terrain and help sustain the welfare of your community. You may even get to pick some of your own fruits and veggies to sample.

When you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, here are a few great resources you can use to locate sustainable farms and food sources near you.



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