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Live Fully  |  July 5, 2016

World’s Tastiest Canvas

There are few foods as multifaceted as waffles. And we’re not just talking about those little nooks and crannies. Waffles have always been a breakfast staple. But we love to think of them as a tool for creative eating at any time of day. A canvas, if you will, that can be topped, smothered, smeared, spattered and sprinkled however you choose. They’re the base of an original work of waffle art.

And when it comes to original works of waffle art, everyone around the Kashi Villa tends to go a little nuts. (Have we mentioned how much we love food?) All it takes is someone talking about a new topping they tried that morning, and before you know it, we’ve launched into a full-fledged debate … err … spirited conversation complete with demos and taste tests. The results always end up being the same: that there really are no untasty works of waffle art. Here are just a few favorite creations from Kashi Employees.

A canvas, if you will, that can be topped, smothered, smeared, spattered and sprinkled however you choose.

Stephanie’s Med Masterpiece

Kashi employee Stephanie creates a unique Mediterranean waffle recipe.

Stephanie is all about Mediterranean food. So her waffle combo is the perfect way to enjoy her favorite flavors any time of day. She starts with Kashi 7-grain waffles, spreads some non-dairy cream cheese, adds sun-dried tomatoes, and then finishes it all off with crushed pistachios for a little crunch. We just love how it tastes so creamy with a little bite from the sun-dried tomatoes. Stephanie says to be sure and use sun-dried tomatoes in a jar, because you’ll get the flavorful oils that will keep the combo moist.

Nikki’s Autumn Awesomeness

Kashi employee Nikki creates a unique autumn-inspired waffle recipe with pumpkin puree.

Here on the West Coast, we don’t get the typical fall season. So Nikki found a way to get a taste of it all year round. It starts with Kashi Cinnamon Waffles that she spreads with pumpkin puree. She then adds chopped walnuts or cacao nibs and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. And, for the days when she’s craving extra sweetness, she’ll add a drizzle of molasses. Yum. This definitely tastes like fall to us. And it takes Nikki back to her childhood days on the East Coast, raking leaves with her brother.

Dave’s California Dream

Kashi employee Dave creates a unique waffle recipe with gluten-free waffles and avocado.

Dave moved back to California not long ago, which sparked a new love of avocados and the idea for this little combo. He takes Kashi Gluten-Free Waffles and adds sliced avocado. He then tops it with sea salt, a little cracked black pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. It tastes so fresh. And Dave says it motivates him to power through his morning.

Other favorite waffle toppings that get shared around the Kashi Villa? Banana, almond butter, honey, raspberry puree, granola and even sriracha for the bold. When it comes to creating your own original work of waffle art, the trick is there is no trick. Just start adding some of your favorite ingredients to your waffles, and then experiment – adding something new or different every day. As Stephanie says, “Think of your favorite foods. They will probably be scrumptious on a waffle.”



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