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Black History Month Mural

“Food Justice is communities exercising their right to grow, sell and eat healthy food"*

At Kashi, we are all about making eating well easy. For everyone. Yet the reality is that for many people, eating well isn’t easy at all -- especially in black and brown communities where racial bias has created conditions that make eating well hard. Black History Every Month (BHEM) is a nationwide effort by Kelloggs to bring attention and action to food justice for all, and at Kashi we support this whole-heartedly. We know it takes more than just one month to make history, which is why we are extending our efforts to a year-round program.

How are we taking action? It’s a 3-part plan, and it looks like this.

1.) Honoring the contributions of Black food innovators.


Dr George Washington Carver’s agricultural practices pioneered what is now known as regenerative agriculture -- a collection of farming practices that are getting a lot of attention for their ability to combat climate change.  


Edna Lewis, on the left in the mural, was known for her groundbreaking work to show the beauty of farm to table southern cooking in spite of negative stereotypes around “ethnic” foods being unhealthy.

  • Dr. Celeste Clark

Dr. Celeste Clark, on the right in the mural, is Kellogg’s former VP of nutrition who helped launch groundbreaking programs around heart health and high fiber foods that made eating well more accessible.

Painting mural to promote food justice

2.) Joining forces with World Food Program USA, to support the mission of the United Nations World Food Programme, and Street Art for Mankind, to bring their “Zero Hunger” mural series to six cities to raise awareness of local and global food justice.

3.) Elevating the work of local nonprofits fighting in those same cities to build sustainable food systems in Black communities with a $10,000 donation.

If you are interested in learning about food injustice in your area, get connected to organizations like Houston’s Ivyleaf farms and NOLA’s Sprout NOLA that create long term solutions that help communities grow, sell, and enjoy healthy foods with dignity.

*Food advocacy group Just Food