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April is Earth Month, which makes it one of our favorite times of year over here at Kashi! We are grateful for how our planet sustains us with the incredible gift of healthy food, and we want to do our part in keeping it that way. That’s why we’ve worked on several earth-friendly initiatives over the years -- from movements such as helping to launch Certified Transitional farming to recyclable cereal bags and boxes.

Today, we wanted to mark Earth Month by reflecting back on some of these efforts while recognizing some of the newer ones we are putting into place. Because if we all pull together, we can keep this planet healthy (and the food delicious!) for the generations to come.


1 percent for the planet graphic

Kashi recently became a member of 1% for the Planet, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Moving forward 1% of our annual sales will be donated to organizations focused on creating a healthier, more sustainable planet. 1% for the Planet helps make small donations into big initiatives for planet health, by pooling donations from a range of companies and directing them to vetted organizations. Cheers to that!


Starting in 2021 Kashi will measure the carbon emissions created from the cooking and baking of our foods and fund programs that remove -- or “offset” -- that amount of carbon from the atmosphere.


Rural village

Photo courtesy of Fair Trade USA


Avocadoes, almonds, apples… These are just some of the fruits honey bees pollinate, which is why we’re all abuzz about bees over here. Last year we partnered with the National Honey Board during National Honey Month to spotlight the important role honey bees play in our ecosystem and products. You can read more about it below.



Did you know that less than 1% of US farmland is organic? Crazy, right? That’s why, back in 2015, we partnered with Quality Assurance International (QAI) to create a “Certified Transitional” (CT) standard, and have been working to increase the percentage of organic farmland, one acre at a time, ever since. So far, we’ve worked with 20 farmers on their journey to organic, paying more than $4MM in premiums to them. These efforts have led to more than 10,000 acres transitioning from conventional to organic. Learn more about CT below.


Kashi Office Space

It’s been a while since we’ve seen this place, but the Kashi Villa (our headquarters in Solana Beach, CA), is our home away from home. Although... really it’s more than that, as the Villa embodies the realization of our dream of creating an environmentally-responsible workplace. LEED and SERF certified, the Villa has native bee shelters, on-site composting, a veggie garden, on-site solar panels, and rain barrels (this is Southern California after all!) 


Recycle Symbol over Green Grass

As we say in the blog post below, “Sustainability is a journey”. It’s not something you can snap your fingers at and change overnight. One area we are currently working on is making our packaging more sustainable. In fact, we have committed to having 100% of our packaging reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025, and our cereal and waffle liners are already recyclable. Read more below.

This planet deserves our best shot, so you can bet we will be working hard to take care of it on our quest to provide the world’s tastiest cereal, waffles, and bars!